The Top Reasons To Keep That Storage Unit You Rented For Moving

Posted on: 13 August 2015

Storage units are often a necessary part of moving, but they can also be an invaluable aspect of your everyday life, when cleverly utilized. In this busy and hectic day and age, nearly everyone could use a break in terms of saving time, energy and other resources, especially space. Here are the best reasons to hold onto that storage unit you rented just to move.

Painting And Renovating Convenience

If you rented storage for moving purposes, you have a new home. Within a half a year or so, you may likely decide the color of the kitchen or bath isn't to your liking. One of the biggest challenges of any painting or renovation job is keeping furniture out of the way of paint splatters and swinging hammers. However, if you retain that storage unit, you will always have a safe place to keep your furniture and other valuables while work is underway in the home. Most home improvement jobs are more successful when you're not struggling with the sofa or tripping over end tables.

Hiding Holiday And Birthday Surprises

If you have children, keeping holiday and birthday presents hidden is challenging. Little peepers like to snoop, or maybe your spouse has a hard time waiting until the actual day of opening gifts to find out what's in the packages. Off-site storage is also especially helpful if you like to wrap all your gifts at once, as they really pile up over the course of your holiday shopping and may be easily spotted accidentally or intentionally if you haven't hidden them well.

Test Driving New Furniture

Ever buy a new sofa that promised to be the most comfortable seat in the house or a great place for guests to sleep, but that didn't quite live up to those promises? Usually, by the time you discover the deceit, your former couch is long gone. Rather than hauling it off to a donation center or handing it down to someone else, keep it for a good month or so in your storage unit. Once you're certain the new furniture is a good fit, it's safe to discard the old one permanently.

Having Extra And Permanent Storage

People love "stuff" and it's easy to run out of places to put it. The attic or basement may not be suitable for some things, such as those that are sensitive to moisture or heat. Even with a closet in every room, it seems there is never enough space to fit all your belongings. This fact may even prevent you from buying "stuff" in the future, simply because you have no place to put it.

Seasonal Storage

If you have a pool, you have a lot of equipment in need of storage during the cold months and likewise, if you have a plow, snowmobile or other winter toys and necessities, they take up too much space when they're not being used. A rental unit is ideal for seasonal storage and makes your home, yard and garage much more manageable.

Choosing The Best Storage Unit

While rented storage is versatile and convenient, there isn't typically a one-size-fits-all deal with them. If you're going to keep the unit indefinitely, consider the following variables:

  •  Proximity to your residence.
  •  Security gates, padlocks, cameras and on-site personnel.
  •  Long-term pricing contracts for the unit.
  •  Climate conditions and controls.
  •  Size and dimensions of the storage area.
  •  Round the clock access, if necessary.
  •  Insurance for your valuables.

Having extra space makes anyone's life easier and you can probably think of a few of your own reasons for needing it. A rental unit can open new avenues of convenience in life for you like few other things can. Hold onto yours once you're all unpacked and moved in: It will come in handy!