• Protecting Your Belongings During A Long Distance Move

    If you are moving across the country, then it may be wise to hire long distance movers so your belongings get to your destination without a great deal of stress and hassle. Long distance moves require a bit more preparation than a local move, because you will want to protect your things from a potentially disastrous situation. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should do to prepare for the move. [Read More]

  • Don'T Forget To Do These Three Things Before Your Big Move

    Moving from one home to another can be a chaotic adventure. There are so many things that need to be done that it's easy to forget something. Here are three commonly overlooked tasks you need to remember to do before you load up the moving van and hit the road. Get Your Money Right It may seem inconceivable that you would forget to pay a bill or lose track of your paycheck stubs when you're prepping to relocate, but that's exactly when you're more likely to misplace or forget things. [Read More]

  • The Top Reasons To Keep That Storage Unit You Rented For Moving

    Storage units are often a necessary part of moving, but they can also be an invaluable aspect of your everyday life, when cleverly utilized. In this busy and hectic day and age, nearly everyone could use a break in terms of saving time, energy and other resources, especially space. Here are the best reasons to hold onto that storage unit you rented just to move. Painting And Renovating Convenience If you rented storage for moving purposes, you have a new home. [Read More]

  • Tips For Packing, Storing And Moving Your Music Collection

    In this age of digital downloads and streaming music services, many tried and true music lovers are still unwilling to part with their collection of CDs and vinyl. If you count yourself amongst this group, chances are you've taken impeccable care of your collection, and are worried about the potential damage that can occur during a move. Taking a few extra steps to ensure your vinyl and CDs are properly boxed, stored and transported will help prevent any unwanted scratches, nicks and other damage from occurring: [Read More]