Don'T Forget To Do These Three Things Before Your Big Move

Posted on: 8 August 2016

Moving from one home to another can be a chaotic adventure. There are so many things that need to be done that it's easy to forget something. Here are three commonly overlooked tasks you need to remember to do before you load up the moving van and hit the road.

Get Your Money Right

It may seem inconceivable that you would forget to pay a bill or lose track of your paycheck stubs when you're prepping to relocate, but that's exactly when you're more likely to misplace or forget things. Before you start planning or packing to move, it's important to set up a money center where you can keep an eye on your finances.

Possibly the simplest system you can set up is to get an accordion file folder with numbered tabs. When you receive a bill, immediately file it in the pocket that corresponds with either its due date or the day you get paid. Then make a habit of placing bills and important papers like paycheck stubs and contracts in the folder as you receive them. Place the folder somewhere it won't accidentally get packed in a box, such as on your nightstand.

The other thing you may want to do is make use of a bill pay app that can also help you track when bills are due and set up automatic payments. See if your bank has one you can download so you can simply pay bills right from your checking account. If not, there are several apps available  from other companies that will notify you when things are due, and some may even connect to your bank account so you can schedule payments.

Lastly, at least a month before you're scheduled to move, cancel recurring charges for services you don't need, such as your gym membership. Many companies require advance notice that you're cancelling (e.g., 30 days), and you don't want to get stuck paying for things you won't be using at your new place.

Pack a "First Week" Box

It will take awhile to get things unpacked when you get to your new home, which means you may not have access to items you may need, such as cookware. Unless you plan on eating out for every meal or not taking a shower for a few days, it's a good idea to pack a box containing things you will need that first week, such as:

  • Paper plates and plastic utensils
  • A pot and pan for cooking
  • Towels and shower curtains
  • Soap, toilet paper, paper towels
  • Dish soap, dish sponges, trash bags
  • An all-purpose cleaning product
  • Light bulbs

Label the box clearly and have the movers place it in an easily accessible spot in your new home, such as the kitchen or living room, so you don't have to hunt through stacks of boxes trying to locate it.

Take Pictures of Important Setups

One of the more frustrating aspects of moving is having to dismantle items and set them up again in the new home. It can be challenging remembering how you had your television set wired or your trophy case set up. That's why you'll want to take pictures of things like this so you can replicate them after you move.

For instance, if you have multiple gaming systems connected to your television, take a picture of the back of the TV to see where the cables are connected. Then label the cords using tags or masking tape. This can make recreating the setup in your new home much easier and faster.

Staying on top of things while moving can be challenging, but it is possible with an investment of a little imagination and time. For help with relocating to a new home, contact a moving and storage service.