Protecting Your Belongings During A Long Distance Move

Posted on: 6 September 2016

If you are moving across the country, then it may be wise to hire long distance movers so your belongings get to your destination without a great deal of stress and hassle. Long distance moves require a bit more preparation than a local move, because you will want to protect your things from a potentially disastrous situation. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should do to prepare for the move. 

Buy Insurance

Moving Company Coverage

Professional movers typically have a great track record when it comes to moving belongings, but the unexpected can happen. Another truck or car can cause an accident and the vehicle may run into unexpected weather conditions like snow or ice. If an accident does occur and your belongings are damaged, then basic insurance coverage offered by the moving company may pay for some of your belongings. This coverage must be provided under federal law, and it is called released value protection. The protection is minimal though and you will receive only about 60 cents per pound of the item that were lost. For example, if you have a 20-pound television that cost you $5,000, you will only receive $12 for the item. 

If you want better protection for your belongings, then ask your moving company about full value protection. This type of insurance will cost you a bit more money, but items that are damaged during transport will need to be repaired, replaced, or a paid for in cash. 

Separate Policies

If you do not want to purchase insurance through your moving company, then you can purchase separate insurance on your own. You should first contact your homeowners' insurance company to see how much coverage they provide. A typical policy will cover personal belongings to an extent. However, if items are lost or broken during transport, then your home insurance will not cover them. homeowners' insurance will typically cover you in the case of a theft or catastrophic event like a fire that destroys the moving truck.

If you want better coverage, then purchase a separate liability insurance policy from your insurance agent. You can choose the deductible for the policy as well as the coverage amount. If you worried that you will receive the entire value of all your items in the event of a serious incident, then make sure that your items are assessed or valued by an insurance agent before buying the policy. This way, you can purchase more than enough insurance to cover a complete loss. 

Purchase High Quality Packing Supplies

If you want your things to make it from one side of the country to the other, then you should pack items properly so they are cushioned well. This means buying packing supplies that are high quality. Skip the used and free boxes that you can pick up from your local supermarket or liquor store. You should instead buy boxes, and corrugated boxes are strong and durable. If you want the best strength, opt for double walled corrugated boxes. These thick boxes should be used especially when storing your heavy belongings. 

While strong boxes can be taped along the bottom with either shipping or duct tape, the bottom can fall out if items are too heavy. This can happen if you fill boxes to the top, and filling boxes is suggested so boxes do not collapse or crush while in transit. If you do not want the bottoms to fall out of your boxes, then purchase folding boxes with a solid bottom and an open top. These boxes fold down and around the insides of the boxes to secure them. You will need a separate top or cover for these boxes. If you do not want boxes with tops, then purchase some wraparound boxes instead. These products fold on the sides of the box and feature an attached cover that folds down over the top. Do not forget to buy foam peanuts and bubble wrap for your items as well to cushion them. 

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