Planning A Safe Move: 3 Items That To Ask Your Professional Movers About

Posted on: 13 May 2017

On moving day, your professional movers will ease your concerns about arriving at your new home with damaged belongings. However, you are still likely to come across a few items around your house while packing that fall into the questionable category. While you don't want to leave anything behind, you also want to make sure that your move is safe. For this reason, you will want to ask your professional movers about the best way to handle these following household items.

Liquids and Hazardous Chemicals

The majority of moving services request that you avoid packing any liquids to go on the truck. This is because they can easily spill and ruin everything else. Hazardous chemicals such as gasoline should always be handled on your own to prevent chemical burns and fires. Although you could transport these items in your car, it is usually best to try to get rid of them before your move. Ask a neighbor if they can use cleaning fluids and other liquids, or you can check into a recycling center for fluids such as oil.

Perishable Food

Professional movers go the extra mile to take care of your belongings, but they do not have a whole lot of control over the temperature of the interior of the trailer. Therefore, you should keep in mind the climate in which you will be traveling when you pack food items. For instance, refrigerated goods will likely spoil even if you are driving only a few hours away. Try to use up as much of your food as you can the week before your big move, and donate any leftovers. This will also give you time to open up and dry out your refrigerator. If you do have a need to transport food for any reason, use a cooler or ask your moving company for possible accommodations.

Personal or Sensitive Belongings

Naturally, it is always good to pack an overnight bag with everything that you need for the first night. However, you will also have other personal items such as your medical records, birth certificate and financial documents that you want to keep secure. Many people prefer to pack these in a lockable box and carry them with them in the car. If you are flying to your new home and can't take them with you, then ask your movers to help you handle your items securely. Letting them know what is in a specific box allows them to treat it with higher priority.

There will be many questions that come up during your move, and it is always helpful to have professional movers as a resource to help. Whether you are moving cross country or just down the street, knowing how to handle sensitive materials gives you peace of mind that everything will arrive at your new home in one piece. Check with companies like Smith Dray Line for more tips.