Preparing For Professional Movers: 4 Things To Do The Day Before

Posted on: 23 July 2019

Hiring professional movers will definitely make your move easier than if you were to do everything yourself. If you want your movers to get in and out quickly, you should still spend a little time preparing for their arrival. Most of these tasks only take a few minutes to complete, so you should be able to squeeze your preparation in the day before your official "moving day."

1. Pick up all rugs.

Go through the house, and roll up any area rugs and mats that you have on the floor. These mats can get caught under furniture as the movers are trying to relocate it, and they can also present a tripping hazard when the movers are carrying heavy things. Tie each mat into a tube, using a piece of rope or string. They'll then be easier for the movers to pack up along with your other items.

2. Label fragile boxes.

If you packed your own boxes rather than having the movers do so, make sure you label all of the ones that contain delicate items with the word "fragile." Place these boxes in their own pile so the movers can easily keep them separate from other boxes and handle them with care. You may want to point them out to the movers when they first arrive.

3. Clear parking space.

If you live in an apartment, talk to your landlord to check where the best place for the movers to park may be. If you own your own home, talk to your neighbors to let them know moving trucks will be lining the streets the next day. You might need to relocate your own vehicle to make space for the moving truck, too. In any case, make sure there will be a clear, accessible space for the movers to park when they arrive, so they don't waste an hour driving around and asking people to move their cars.

4. Find someone to watch your children and pets.

Your movers will be able to work faster if they are not worried about letting a dog escape or tripping on an adventurous toddler. Hire a babysitter for they day -- preferrably someone who can take your kids to their home and get them out of the way. Put your dog or cat in a kennel, or if that is not an option, lock them in a spare room and tell the movers not  go in there.

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