Renting Storage for Belongings Used Seasonally or on Occasion

Posted on: 19 March 2021

Today, it's common for storage units to be considered as a permanent extension of one's residence. A renter may appreciate being able to keep seasonal belongings there rather than having them fill up valuable space at home.

People have varying reasons for needing storage space. For example, the place may simply be too small for everything they have accumulated. Perhaps all the belongings would fit, but it would require packing every closet and cabinet. This can make it difficult to find and retrieve belongings as needed. If you have seasonal items to store, here are some ideas for using self-storage to better organize your home. 

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are the main example. That's especially true for people who love to decorate and have a large number of items for different occasions. They won't even need to put the artificial Christmas tree together every year. If they have access to a pickup truck, the tree can be moved back to storage in January fully intact. Large outdoor decorations can be kept there as well.

Winter-Related Belongings

Recreational winter-related belongings can be stored if there isn't enough room in a garage or shed. Sleds, saucers, ice skates, and skis are examples. Once the warm season arrives, it's time to pack away winter coats, scarves, mittens, and heavy sweaters. Space heaters and portable humidifiers can go to storage as well. 

Warmer-Weather Items

Camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags can be stored in the unit during the cold weather months. Winter is also the time to store a portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, and oscillating fans.

Self-storage also is helpful for items not necessarily used seasonally but only occasionally. That camping equipment might not ever have to be kept at home if the residents only camp once every two months or so.

Seasonal Organization

A well-organized individual, couple, or family keeps a list of everything in the unit. All the belongings are categorized throughout the space, making them easy to manage. With this system, rotating the belongings in and out can be done efficiently. It becomes clear over a few years which possessions are never used. These things might be donated to charity or sold at a yard sale.

Pricing for units of various sizes can be learned through the facility's website or by phone. Once all of the stuff is moved to storage, everyone can feel happy about the additional space in the home. To learn more, contact companies like Carolina Self Storage.